JOHNHOUSHMAND PROJECTS is delighted to open its door to a dear artist, friend, and family member, Roshan Houshmand.

Roshan lives and creates her art in Andes, New York, in the Catskill Mountains and has been an artist there and abroad for more than three decades.

Her "Sacred Spaces", a collection of works invoking the east as a metaphor of the west and vice versa, will accompany you through a journey of inspiring relationships, symbols, patterns and chance.

Incorporating Asian designs, floral patterns and mirrors, elements of the east are integrated in a western context. Traditional decorative and symbolic motifs with the subtlest of mutations are transformed dramatically to assume familiar shapes; familiar only because the images speak with the appropriate elan for the western context of experience. The mood evoked is a perfect and harmonious mixture of the inexplicable mystery of Persian gardens and the transcendent spirituality of the western abstraction.

The exhibition includes works on paper, and oil and mixed media paintings on canvas.

Please come to welcome Roshan in our showroom on Thursday, May 15th 2014 from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest.




Opening Reception: May 15th (6-8pm)

Open Studio: May 15th to June 26th (10am - 6pm)


31 Howard Street 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10013



Mirror Garden II. Oil and mirror on canvas 63" x 45" (on the left)

Magnolia.  Oil and gold leaf on canvas 48" x 42" (on the right)